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Benefits of advertising on Goodyear Connects!

* Target Marketing - Advertise directly to your customer base!

* Maintain Awareness - Stay in front of your customers each and every day

* Build Brand Loyalty – Goodyear Connects users are very loyal to quality advertisers

* Word-of-Mouth - There is no better advertising than referrals. Forum users chat about the service providers and products they use

* Cost Effective - Nowhere else can you have such a constant presence in front of your consumers for such a low price!


We are looking forward to expanding the reach and awareness even further.

Come Grow With Us!


For our advertising packages, please email for more information at

1.) Each company requesting to become an advertiser would need to submit a product/product samples/services to us to determine if it is a good fit for our community. Products submitted will not be returned.


2.) Provide us with an ad banner (we will send you the sizing/dimensions). Quality of design will be reviewed prior to posting ad. (Canva is a great free place to create your graphic)